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BSc. in Accounting with International Accounting specialization (High quality program in English). Program code: FA7340301

1. Program introduction: 

- Program introduction:

The Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acc.) – major in International Accounting provides students with in-depth accounting knowledge and professional skills in compliance with international standards and practices. The B.Acc. major in International Accounting is among the foremost undergraduate programs at Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU) designed to be completely English-taught, with special reference to accountancy programs of the Top 100 universities in the world. Students are equipped with international-standardised knowledge and practical models in accounting. This program aims to create a modern, professional education environment for students to learn and sharpen their skills; ultimately provides students with a foundation for better adapting of international accounting-auditing standards and practices into Vietnamese context, as well as other countries in the world.
Regarding employment capability, the B.Acc. major in International Accounting focuses on training and developing well-qualified human resource to satisfy the increasingly high requirements of the labour market. Having completed the degree, graduates confidently perform the role of an accountancy specialist for whom global firms such as Big 4, multinational corporations, foreign invested companies are seeking. The B.Acc. in International Accounting is an ideal program for young people who dream of a career in financial and accounting industry. The degree opens up many doors to becoming a global citizen in era 4.0.

- Career opportunities:

With the increasing demand in accounting proficiency and the vibrant merge-acquisition (M&A) activities in Vietnam, together with state’s policy of attracting foreign investment, graduates of the B.Acc. major in International Accounting of TDTU have many opportunities for employment in various businesses and industries with positions in finance, accounting, auditing, consulting and internal control, not only in Vietnam but also in international labour market.

Once graduating, students of the B.Acc. major in International Accounting are able to work flexibly in different positions and fields, such as: accounting/auditing associate, cost-control specialist, tax/financial consultant, risk analyst, banking/fund managing expert, securities broker, project coordinator, academic researcher, etc. These initial positions provide solid starts for the pathways to becoming a Chief Accountant, Head of Assurance/Accounting/Finance Department or Internal Control, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Accounting/Finance professor, Economics researchers, etc. 

Graduates from TDTU’s high quality program of B.Acc. major in International Accounting will have great and open employment opportunities at large professional service firms, government agencies, major banks and financial institutions, multinational corporations; as well as academic positions at universities, research institutes, domestic and foreign educational institutions with accounting/auditing training.

- Program highlights:

Outstanding features

- Small classes from 20 - 40 students;

- Modern facilities and learning conditions;

- Highly experienced Vietnamese and foreign lecturers graduated from prestigious universities;

- 100% of core courses are taught in English;

- Qualified curriculum with 04 integrated modules from the Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (CFAB) awarded by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) - a world leading professional organization in accounting and finance. On successful completion of the B.Acc in International Accouting, graduates have opportunity to fully obtain the ICAEW CFAB via applying for credit for prior learning. 

- An emphasis on practical stimulation of financial accounting and tax declaration using Vietnamese and international software (60% study time). Simultaneously, core courses contain exercises and projects engaging students in solving accounting problems in real-life practice; accompany with training sessions by visiting experts from the industry.

- Extended training on professional skills for future career, with early internship and employment opportunities at ICAEW's authorised training employers (ATEs) in Southeast Asia region and worldwide.

Scholarship opportunities


- English certificate of IELTS 6.0 (or other equivalent certificates)
- Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certificate 750/1000 (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint);
- Achieving extracurricular activity scores as required by TDTU;
- Attaining soft skills, professional practice skills as required by the program’s outcomes;
- Successfully defended the bachelor thesis in English, or, obtained the professional certificate of ICAEW CFAB.

- Initial membership registration fee of ICAEW:    GBP 165 
- First attempt exam fee for 01 CFAB module:    GBP 70
- Original CFAB textbooks (free delivery from the UK):    GBP 11.5/set/module 
- Opportunity for exam fee exemption for the next module for students who achieve high results in the previous CFAB module exam.

Knowledge and skill requirements for degree completion:


2. Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs):

The Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs) is the starting point of the curriculum design process and is built according to a rigorous, scientific process in which it reflects the vision and mission of the university and faculties and is suitable to the course objectives and meets the needs of stakeholders.
The ELOs will be concretized according to the principle of "directional compatibility" in step-by-step subjects to help learners gain professional qualifications & skills in knowledge, skills, attitudes and professional responsibilities after completing the training program. The content of the program also enhances group work activities, training habits of active self-studies and creative thinking for students to be proactive and ready for development opportunities.
The ELOs are committed by the University to students, society and published on the Website.

>>Program Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

3. Curriculum:

The curriculum is a system of theoretical and practical knowledge that is designed synchronously with the method of teaching, learning and evaluating learning outcomes to ensure learners accumulate knowledge, gain the necessary competencies according to the published expected learning outcomes corresponding to the university level. The curriculum of Ton Duc Thang University is built in a way that is compatible with the program of the world's TOP 100 universities according to the rankings of QS and THE but is adjusted to suit the conditions and realty in Vietnam and the training target of Ton Duc Thang University.

Periodically, the university reviews and evaluates the curriculum to ensure that the students meet the requirements of society in terms of professionalism after graduation as well as update the changes in technology and new business methods, etc. This process has the full participation of key stakeholders including scientists, employers, alumni, students, and lecturers. The TOP 100 program has been delivered by the university since 2015 to train human resources to meet the labor market and global integration trend, to help students to be more active and self-study, to approach the latest training approaches in the world.

The curriculum are published to students through student portal and on the website.
>>Program curriculum