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The ICAEW 100 Contest for 2020 is now open
ICAEW is searching universities in South-East Asia to find the brightest 100 students who have the potential to be the next generation of business leaders.
Happy Vietnamese Teacher's Day 2019
On 20 November, 2019, accountancy students organized a ceremony to celebrate the Vietnamese Teacher's Day 2019 in order to express their affection and love to the lecturers and staff
Meeting with students (intake 2016) for the upcoming internship semester
On 11 November 2019, TDTU Faculty of Accounting organized a meeting with the purpose of assisting senior students in preparing for their internship.
Ceremony of MOU renewal between Faculty of Accounting and ICAEW
On 30 October 2019, the Faculty of Accounting and ICAEW renewed the MOU for the second time (2019-2022)
ICAEW Student Outreach Day 2019
On 27 October 2019, the Outreach Day took place with the joy of ICAEW CFAB students in Ho Chi Minh City
Accounting students attending the 2019 "ICAEW Celebrating Excellence"
On 2 October 2019, the graduation ceremony for outstanding Vietnamese students who completed the ICAEW CFAB took place at Caravelle Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).