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UWE representatives receiving thankful bouquets from TDTU Faculty of Accounting

On May 3, 2019 Faculty of Accounting and University of West of England representatives together organized a special event – the IELTS test for high-quality students. The test provides students great opportunity to experience one of the most well-known English proficiency tests on earth.

UWE English workshop for duo-degree students

This was a special event sponsored by University of West of England (UWE), Bristol for duo-degree students, which would help enhance their English skills. The three-day workshop was tailored to provide student with useful knowledge and techniques in relation to IELTS test and other soft skill training such as note-taking, presentation, communication, etc.

The Accounting Race 2019

The Accounting Race 2019 has officially concluded. This season, TDTU students have overcome many obstacles and experiencing lots of emotions together. The many challenges in this season include: creating a signature dance for your team, fun raising, food foraging, fighting the way to the “treasure island”, overcoming your own fear to rescue 12 mascots and racing to the finish line.