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AAF Global Village 2020

Following the success of last year’s event, the Global Village 2020 organized by the Faculty of Accounting was held on January 20th with the official theme: "The Vietnamese Tết". The event attracted participation of more than 35 international students and volunteers from Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Spain, Canada and South Korea.

This was an excellent opportunity for accountancy students to introduce to foreign friends their nation’s greatest holiday: the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. Every participant immersed in the exciting Tet’s atmosphere through playing games that simulate traditional activities from December 28th to January 3rd in the Vietnamese Lunar calendar. For instance: picking up beans, cooking sticky rice cake, displaying five-fruit tray, receiving lucky money, writing couplets, etc. which came along with various of interesting gifts. In addition to those activities, Global Village 2020 also offered participants with traditional Tet’s dishes and refreshment with distinct flavors.

In the end, TDTU students performed a play named "Home for Tết" to conclude the holiday’s spirit. The event was successful in spreading the cozy, loving atmosphere of the Lunar New Year to all the participants. Let's have a look at some memorable moments of Global Village 2020.