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ICAEW Excel training workshop for high-quality students

This was the initial event making way for a serie brought by ICAEW for CFAB students, which will enhance their soft skills for future employment. The workshop was tailored to provide students with useful Excel know-how, such as using table, making formulars, formatting, keyboard shortcuts, pivoting and data analysis, etc. instructed by Mr. David Benaim, an ICAEW Chartered Accountant and also a Microsoft Office Specialist. This was also an excellent opportunity for students to meet an actual ACA member in person and practice their English communication skill.
The ending Q&A session was also exciting, in which many inquires regarding to professional career as a chartered accountant have been given to Mr. Benaim. The workshop concluded with a much higher level of understanding regarding what Excel can do and how to apply skills that many professionals use on a daily basis.
Some moments captured during the workshop:


Mr. David Benaim introducing the workshop agenda



Mr. Benaim giving instructions on Excel skills



Mr. Benaim and ICAEW’s volunteers helping students timely practice on their own laptops



Mr. Benaim receiving a thankful bouquet from representative of Faculty of Accounting



Mr. Everyone taking a group photo towards the end of the workshop