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The Accounting Race 2019

The Accounting Race 2019 has officially concluded. This season, TDTU students have overcome many obstacles and experiencing lots of emotions together. The many challenges in this season include: creating a signature dance for your team, fun raising, food foraging, fighting the way to the “treasure island”, overcoming your own fear to rescue 12 mascots and racing to the finish line. With their youth, solidarity, intelligence, agility and a bit of luck, the winners of this season have been named: our champion is the Black team, the first runner-up is the Blue team, and the second runner-up is the Brown team. Another two participating prizes belong to team Blueberry and team Orange. In addition, the prize for “most favorite team” goes to team Brown.
The organizing board would like to thank the sponsor, Hoang Gia Luat Company, for the support. The organizers would also express gratitude for the support of lecturers from Faculty of Accounting, for the enthusiasm of the collaborators, and last but not least, for the game-spirit of the warriors from 12 colourful teams. Once again, the oorganizing borad would like to thank all of you and look forward to the next season of The Accounting Race.
Let’s review some of the most memorable moments:


Lecturers from the Faculty of Accounting attending the Final Gala



Dr. Hung awarding the first prize to Black team



Ms. Nhien awarding the second prize to Blue team



Mr. Au awarding the third prize to Brown team



Mr. Thien giving the “most favourite team” award



Ms. Hoanh awarding the participating prize to team Blueberry and Orange



A group photo including all teams, organizers, collaborators and accounting lecturers of The Accounting Race 2019


The organising board of The Accounting Race 2019.