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International summer program 2018 in Taiwan

As the first semester of 2018-2019 ended, it’s also the time that our exchange students from Taiwan finished their field trip report at TDTU. At the reviewing event, the exchange students were very excited to share their experiences, what they had learned from the summer term to the school’s council.

Despite the fact that the trip only lasted for a month at Fengchia University (Taichung, Taiwan).It had left us with memories that will last for a lifetime, a wonderful moment with Taiwanese students.

Having studied at TDTU, our exchange students are no strangers to civilized manners, despite how much of a rush they’re in. At public transport stations, the ones who aren’t in a hurry will stand to the right side of the entry way while offering the left side for busier people. The second impression about Taiwan is there is not a single trace of garbage on the street, the air is freshening to breath and all of these are possible with hardly any garbage cans.

On top of that, the Taiwanese on time management, it’s rare to find a professor or a student at Feng chia university to be late for their duties. Only when do they have sent a letter to their student will the professors be late and vice versa. Studying at Taiwan is very exciting due to the fact that the university always give their student the best environments to study with their full potential, and they have access to school’s services like modern library, swimming pool... which are helpful.

Besides tutoring, the professors also show the students where to eat or where to have a good time. So after a month overseas, our students had seen good education, friendly environments and modern means of transportation, it had grown closer to their heart.

Some pictures about International summer program 2018 in Taiwan: 


Students in classroom with professors and TDTU lecturers


Students in classroom with professors and TDTU lecturers


Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall


Office tour in KPMG enterprise, Taipei 101


Visiting Shifen in Taipei


Taking photos with beautiful singhseeing in Taipei


Kaohsiung tour 


Kaohsiung tour 


Closing ceremony and receiving certificate