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Friendly football at TDTU - Nha Trang Campus

This trip to Nha Trang gave us a lot of useful and interesting experience. First, we learned with Mr. Tang Tri Hung- the greatest teacher that we never forget ever after. Then, we were together collected dusts and wastes on the beach, enjoyed the beach, ate seafood, played outside activities with our chairman teacher- Mr Khanh. Belong to the trips, we must be thankful to Mr. Le Cong An- Assistant Principal of Ton Duc Thang university in Nha Trang. He artificially created us with the learning and playing spaces extremely comfortable. Especially, he organized for us the interesting friendly football match.

img 7397

13KK4D took photo with Mr Le Cong An

As originally planned, we would played with Cau Bong 's soldiers on friday afternoon, but because of little problem, the match couldn't happened. Seemed the match wold be cancel, Mr An and teachers, students in university made a team and fought against us. Teacher 's images were replaced by the dynamic and passion player. All of them made the match full of attractive over 90 minutes!

The match took place in vibrant and exciting so both teams created dangerous situation so everyone couldn't took their eyes off the ball. We just went from happy when our soliders scored to worried if someone lose focus, the team would pay for this action. To the end of the match, the defender didn't make faster decision so we lose 1 goal. The match went from this climax to another climax and finally, we lose the game so the result is 5-6. We regretted because we lose to the home team, but we didn't frustrated or upset in winning, the important that our class we tried our best, and the girls were cheering like? This has created cohesion for our class more. After the defeat, we sit back and criticize and correct mistakes to developed combination for another match.

After this match, we were attended the opening friendly match of the soccer field. We feel very exciting! First time I touched the new grass and very proud because this is the first game on Ton Duc Thang Nha Trang soccer field. After previous match, the team played better. With the girls 's shouted :“13KK4D, we are one, we are fighting” made the guys tried their best! And then we had draw 5-5 to the home team - the team Nha Trang vocational school students.

img 7405

img 7408

Two teams took photo

img 7427

img 7429

The match took place very dramatic 

The games were one of the best memories that we would never forgot in this trip to Nha Trang. Thanks to match the class closer together. These guys were tried their best for the sport, and the enthusiasm, passion pumper from the girls. As a 13KK4D stronger we will forever so enthusiastic to learn together, to cultivate knowledge; together, have fun, exercise worthy of teacher expectations and especially to create the most wonderful thing of students.