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13KK4D’s students participated in “Volunteer Saturday” in Nha Trang

Time has passed very fast since we had time together in Nha Trang city for a week. I expected that was a funny trip with my friend and had opportunity to learn more interesting things. Then the trip ended happily in 3 days with many excited activities with my friends, my classmates and one of the interesting activity is to pick up the garbage on the beach which gave me lots of emotion.


Student of 13KK4D class take photo with staff of Monument conservation center Khanh Hoa and solider border Cau Bong 

We participated in activities "On the 7th volunteer" at 3pm on Monday (April 04, 2015) in Nha Trang with the monument conservation centers Khanh Hoa and the soldier of the Border. We got acquainted with them and started to work at 15:30, everyone worked with highest spirit, ready for the clean beach. We were given gloves and plastic bags to work easily. Firstly, my class were divided into small groups and combined with two remaining units to pick moss drifted ashore. Then we move to the rocks at the Hon Vo to pick up trash from the rocks, there were not only rubbish but also still appears needles and so each member has to be very careful when picking each piece of garbage. Since 16:15 to 16:30 we relax and enjoy iced tea to dispel the intense heat of the afternoon. Everyone were already tired but still continue their work after a break. We walked along the road and scavenging on Hon Chong way, the end of the afternoon we finish the job and taking photographs together.




Everyone is eager to work

End of the day, I feel really lucky because the council of school and Faculty of Accounting agreed to organize this trip as well as generate useful activities to help class mix with people here. Then, we learned many new useful things as understand the value of environment. Through the trip, my class had beautiful memories in student life. We really thank Mr. Dung and Mr. An who supported, took care of us in the whole trip and gave us the best condition to learn and enjoy activity.

Landscape and people of Nha Trang city which were very beautiful and peace. The staffs of TDTU in Nha Trang campus were very friendly, affable and helpful. This is a very meaningful experience for us.

Class 13KK4D really to thanks the council of school and accounting department organized and supported every facility to us. And i hope that there will be more trips for student in future to have the opportunity to learn and experience in TDT Nha Trang.