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13KK4D’s students participated in “Volunteer Saturday” in Nha Trang

Time has passed very fast since we had time together in Nha Trang city for a week. I expected that was a funny trip with my friend and had opportunity to learn more interesting things. Then the trip ended happily in 3 days with many excited activities with my friends, my classmates and one of the interesting activity is to pick up the garbage on the beach which gave me lots of emotion.

Friendly football at TDTU - Nha Trang Campus

This trip to Nha Trang gave us a lot of useful and interesting experience. First, we learned with Mr. Tang Tri Hung- the greatest teacher that we never forget ever after. Then, we were together collected dusts and wastes on the beach, enjoyed the beach, ate seafood, played outside activities with our chairman teacher- Mr Khanh. Belong to the trips, we must be thankful to Mr.